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Hi. Neha here 🙂

I can help you Transform Your Vision and goals into Actual Results 🙂
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MY story

I started writing with my blog http://www.sharingourexperiences.com to share my experiences as I learnt new things in life. I started with travelling then wrote about parenting and still write about kids activities and kids educational activity books and products I design.

You will still see #Sharingourexperiences in some of my you tube videos. 🙂

With time I started making websites for friends then other bloggers and small businesses and slowly helped them with technical background stuff which are required to maintain a blog.

Blogging is not only about writing its a whole world and you need to learn a bit of digital marketing, social media marketing and SEO and a lot more. We need to incorporate productivity tips specially if you are a blogger mom with very less time to do loads of stuff.

So here is my blog where I share what I learnt in my blogging journey and help others bloggers with blogging services and making websites. I have also now helped multiple brands collaborate with bloggers and vice versa.

You can check my you tube tutorials or read by blogs or learn from my ecourses or ask me to do something for you 🙂

By the way for those who want to know more – I love travelling, reading books, flowers and learning new things :-). I am a big fan of Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer and Eric Segal. 

 If you need me for anything I am just a ping away :-). 

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