It is such a good feeling to notice that I get repeated customers for Blogging services and for all my courses. If someone takes one course – they definitely join us for another one. 

And that is my biggest WIN ๐Ÿ™‚

I was lucky to be one of the first few people to buy the SEO Simplified e-book from Neha. I must say she has painstakingly covered all basics of SEO. This book is a must have and the simplest possible resource for anyone who anyone blogging. I have been blogging for some time but still there was LOTS I could learn. I particularly found the section on long tail keywords very useful. I intend to re work on existing posts keeping in mind all my learning from this awesome ebook. I highly recommend to all bloggers who want to increase blog traffic. Looking forward to a book on advanced SEO.
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The SEO Simplified book has all the basics cleared to get your blog move in the right direction. The points have been explained lucidly to make it simpler for a newbie also. I have been blogging for a while but was unaware of few things which I learned by reading the book. The book gave me insights on what I was missing and more importantly what not to do to avoid Google penalty. The book covers great tips on increasing traffic to our blog. Guidance on how to set up website correctly will be helpful for all. A must have book for new bloggers if they are serious about growing their blog.
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I am very thankful for getting Neha's SEO simplified for bloggers at the right time. The book covered so vast topic in a systematic manner. I am a beginner in blogging and this book gave me the confidence to open a self hosted website right away. I feel well-prepared to getting into the blogging journey. And all that I needed was SEO simplified e-book which delibrately explains all actionable steps to understand SEO
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Neha has made SEO easy. She gives clear instructions on what to do, how to find keywords, where to place them and effective strategies. This SEO Simplified book is very useful to beginners and everyone who wants to know about SEO - I found it particularly useful in finding and deciding which keywords I needed to use for my blog and where to find them. Thanks Neha for sharing your knowledge and always being there to help. The BONUSES are awesome. I could have paid full amount only for the bonuses. I would say we get much more value than the money spent
Brindha SEO Simplified review
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I was doing free blogging since months and gradually lost interest in writing as I had not been getting enough traffic and earning resources. I was clueless as it was different field and internet is full of โ€œhow to improve your content writing โ€œ type stuff but it got me more confused.
I found Neha Gupta on a fb group and approached her. And this was my best shot as she is amazing with her vast knowledge of blogging, writing and all internet tools.
She is very helpful and humble๐Ÿ˜‡.
Her e-books are awesome and easily grasped. I wasnโ€™t aware before that my writing needs what kind of enhancement but after reading her books I am clear that what was missing in my content and what other necessary things need to be done with blogging ,as only blogging is not a complete package for a career option. Thanks Neha for being there and supporting me on my new journey. Love you and god bless you always.๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

Reviews for Grow Your Blog Challenge

This Grow Your Blog Challenge has been an eye opener. A chance for me to step back and look at what I could do to improve my blog. In my 5 year blogging journey I wish I could have done this sooner. I am very sure this course would be immensely helpful to any new blogger. Thanks again for guidance and support.โ˜บ๏ธโ˜บ๏ธ
Avin Kohli
Being with Neha Gupta in Grow Your Blog Challenge in May has been a great experience for our blog.

Neha has always been very patient and spontaneous in answering all the queries. I personally took a blog a notch higher understanding the crux of back links and anchor text. Wishing Neha Gupta good luck in transforming blogs which in turn transform many lives.
Meenal Sonal
For all budding and intermediate bloggers, the course by Neha Gupta "GrowYourBlogChallenge" is a bundle of knowledge to grow in your blogging journey. I have just completed the course and I highly recommend it to bloggers. There is an ocean of information out there for blogging. But what is going to work for you is difficult to know. You need a strategy, mindset and the right information to tread to your path. And that is what one will have on connecting with Neha. Believe me you will thank me later. Neha is quick to respond to your queries and is always ready to help you out.
Fareha Nousheen
"I have taken multiple courses from Neha - SEO simplified, How to earn money and How to write Awesome Content and few more" If you are new to blogging or blogging for quite some time without proper traffic, then these courses are for you.โ€ Neha is a knowledge treasure about blogging. Whenever I have a doubt regarding blogs, she is my one point of contact. Instead of any search engine, I contact her. The reason behind, she gives a quick and understandable reply.

Yep!!!! That is the positive of these books too. The pointers are clear, and we can apply it to the blog instantly. I got many doubts while reading this book, and she has cleared everything patiently. The book is so refreshing to read. She has mentioned clear steps that are helpful for anyone to understand. Other external links are attached wherever necessary. On this whole, this book is a must-have one for anyone who is into blogging. It gives us a whole lot of clear view about the concept behind and enhances our interest to do more in the blogging platform.

Good luck, Neha. To say the truth , I love to write more after applying those ideas . These books are open in my window all the time .
Indumathi Chandramouli
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Reviews for Blogging Services

I know Neha for a year now and have taken her services twice to move my blog to a new hosting platform.

Neha is knowledgeable and knows her stuff. However what I like most about her is that she does not have any airs. She is very patient when answering my tech related questions and is smiling. She finishes her work in record time too
Anshu Bhojnagarwala
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"If you are looking to start using Pinterest for your blog - Sign up for this Pinterest course right now. A MUST HAVE for beginners" Hi Neha. First of all Thanks for creating a Valuable course on Pinterest which is very rare to find. I loved the way you have explained all the minute nitty gritty details keeping an absolute beginner in mind. It reflects in the video lesson and shows how well though out the course is The course is very easy to follow and apply. Neha teaches us all essentials of Pinterest while also focusing on sharing why Pinterest is an important platform for bloggers. She also provides immense support through WhatsApp if we are stuck in understanding anything. Neha is very helpful indeed. I am really happy that I took this ecourse. Looking forward to your new courses .
Deevyanka Pawar
"Makes Blogging Life Easy."

Neha is a sweet heart. I started using the paid YOAST SEO after we had a chat and my blog took off. Thanks Neha. Keep Shining
Dr Amrita Basu
"My go to person for any Blogging Related Query. "

Neha has been a really wonderful mentor. Whenever I reach out to her for any of my blogging related queries, she's always there to help and share her expert advise. BIG Thanks Girl. Keep Inspiring and guiding us
Vartika Gakhar
"A helping hand when you need one"

I came to Know about Neha from my blogger friend Aesha. Aesha told me that even though she had herself not taken services from Neha. Neha still went on to help her arrive at a decision. I was so impressed by this that I chose to speak to Neha myself.

Neha heard me out patiently and then according to me needs suggested me the hosting sites. I requested her to do the needful and she did it too in record time. She is a sweet and patient lady who hears you out , tries to understand your problem and then suggest accordingly inspite of being a mother to an young kid. She does her work diligently.

I am super impressed with her knowledge, skills and hard work
Anshu Bhojnagarwala
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