how I can help you

How to build a website

Creating Website

Creating website for your business or moving to a self hosted site. Creating websites which look good and are in line with your vision of your business

Transferring Hosting

Current Hosting plan coming to and end and you need help with movingand choosing another hosting plan. Just Con

Blogging Services

You love writing but need help with technical services like - Getting Adsense approval, Setting up Google analytics and helping you understand the basics

Technical Blogging Services

Understanding Pinterest

I can help you get started with Pinterest and understand how to use it for your business or blog

Email marketing

I help you to learn how to send mails to your subscribers and market your business to the inbox of your prospective customers using email marketing tools like Mailchimp

Blog Coaching

Blog Coach

If you have any questions. I can help you in getting answers. I can be your blog coach in getting started

What Our happy Clients say

Neha has brilliant knowledge and technical expertise to help you move to a self hosted site. She provides good guidance and ongoing support even after the job is done. Her dedication is exemplary. She puts in a great deal of effort in every task that she takes up. Neha has helped me immensely and adviced me on many aspects of self hosting and promoting my website.

Prerna Wahi

Neha has not only helped me building my website but has also helped me understanding the basics of blogging. She is absolutely knowledgeable person and is very thorough with the latest technology as well. The best part is..she is available any point of the time when you need help or stuck somewhere in your website.

Pradnya Salve

Step by Step Video Tutorials

Check out my You tube channel for free step by step tutorials. Subscribe to it to get latest tutorial update