Today we are going to learn how to add media to WordPress posts.

Most of the times when working on WordPress. You will need to add media to your blog posts.

In case if the media is already present in your library as we discussed in our last article – How to add media in your media Library, then you can add it directly in the post. Else you will need to click on “Upload files” to add media from your machine. This is the second way how you can add media to your media library

For this article I am assuming that your media is already available in the media library.

Step 1 – Click on “Add Media” button at the top of your WordPress post.

Some important things to keep in mind when adding images:

1. Have a meaningful name for your picture in your machine

2. After uploading the image, Ensure that the fields Title, Alt Text and Description are updated with a meaningful and apt text for each image

3. Choose that you want your image to be left aligned or centre aligned. And select size as Medium

Step 2 – Select the media you want to insert and then click on “Insert into Post”


That’s it actually , your media is now inserted in the post.