Today we are going to learn how to add media to media library in WordPress.

How to Add Media in Media Library in WordPress

There are two methods of adding media to the media library in WordPress, the first one is explained below.

Step 1 – You may also need to add Media to your post. For that you will see Media – Add New button on the left hand side dashboard.

This will take you to add media screen

Step 2 – Select files you want to upload from your PC

Some important things to keep in mind when adding images:

1. Have a meaningful name for your picture in your PC

2. After uploading the image, Ensure that the fields Title, Alt Text and Description are updated with a meaningful and apt text for each image

3. Choose that you want your image to be left aligned or centre aligned. And select size as Medium

Step 3-   Now once your media is added to the media library. You will need to add it to your post. You can go back to the post by Posts -> All posts. And click on Edit beneath your post to add media

We will talk about it in more details in our next article – How to add media to post in WordPress

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