How to earn money via social media and blog

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In this e-book, my intent is to make you aware of the options possible so that you can devise your monetisation strategy and then take action to reach your goal. 


We are going to have readers at different stages of their journey in this course. Some of you may have your social media profiles set up, some of you may a FREE WordPress blog and some of you may have a self hosted website or blog.

I would be covering the concepts starting from the basics and explaining you what I have discovered so far. 

I am here to teach you what I know because I want you to grow and be successful and earn loads of money.



You will get an ebook that you can download and read anytime you want. I am going to tell how you social media influencers and bloggers make money from their websites. What do people mean when they say I earn money while I am sleeping.

  • People wanting to earn money online
  • People who wonder how social media influencers and bloggers make money
  • People who have a blog and are active on social media and want to know the strategies they can apply on how they can earn using social media and their blog

It is POSSIBLE to earn money using your social media and blog. But it is not a get rich quick scheme. Earning money from anywhere needs investment of focus, time, efforts and a STRATEGY.

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