Today I am going to share 10 Blogging tips for new bloggers.

These have been my learning for past few years. So if someone asks me today what I wish I knew when I started blogging and what advice will I give to new bloggers , it will be a list of these tips for new bloggers.

10 blogging tips for new bloggers

New Blogger Tip #1. Use WordPress

There are multiple platforms out there which I explored in the beginning. But what I learnt is – Get a self hosted version of WordPress and a domain as soon as you realize that you want to take blogging seriously.

Using WordPress, I have been able to create a blog, a store and a directory and have now helped multiple bloggers move to their self hosted sites via my Facebook community on how to make a website using WordPress.

If you are not sure what I am talking about do read my posts for new bloggers – What you need to build a website and  Self hosted website V/s If you wondering which hosting is best to get started – I will suggest Dreamhost,   and (See latest deals at the bottom).

There is more that I want to do, but coming back to the point – With WordPress anything can be done.

New Blogger Tip #2. Create Social presence

Again something I learnt very late and am still learning; start creating an online presence for yourself and your blog. There are multiple platforms out there – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Stumble upon and many more. Create profiles and be active on these.

Tip – Before you buy a domain see if the name you have chosen is available on these social platforms, you should be able to create a Facebook page with the same name as your blog.

New Blogger Tip #3. Get a nice theme and Install these must have Free WordPress plug-in

Yoast SEO, Redirection, Social Media Follow Buttons bar, SumoMe, Updraft Plus –  Backup/restore

Another advice for all new bloggers is – Set up google analytics for your blog from day one as it helps you to know about your readers.

New Blogger Tip #4. Have a reason for writing or blogging

Find out why you are blogging. For me it is about sharing my experiences. I write about what I learn in life and with a desire to help others.

If you are only blogging to make money then find ways to keep you motivated. Everything takes time so always remember you will not make money overnight. Give it time and have patience.

New Blogger Tip #5. Do not write for free for others

If you are writing blogs for other magazines or websites then either ask for compensation or include a link back to your blog (commonly called as a backlink). So either you should be compensated for your time and efforts via money, or in kind (barter) or via traffic redirection to your site (backlinks).

Tip – Backlinks are also good for Search Engine optimization (SEO)

New Blogger Tip #6. Take quality photos and add watermark on them

Photography is an art. I am not a professional in it but yes what I have realized is taking good photos is very important for getting your blog noticed. Also watermark your images; you can do it via adding text watermark or adding your logo as a watermark.

New Blogger Tip #7. Make following you easy

Do add a follow us button and give readers three or four way of following you. Here is what Social follow us buttons look like. If you would like to stay connected with me do click on these

Also set up a subscribers box and target to have an email list of your followers. You can maintain this list on mail chimp which is free till 2000 subscribers. So if you have not yet done Sign up for mail chimp today.

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New Blogger Tip #8. Know your niche and be honest to your readers/followers

Before you start blogging, spend some time in understanding yourself. Know what you are good at and blog about it. Write about your personal experiences, thoughts and/or skills. Your aim needs to be add value to your reader’s life, so that he or she gets something to take away after spending time on your blog.

When you are writing something you are touching someone’s life and at times influencing their decisions. So be mindful and be honest.

New Blogger Tip #9. Be aware of alternate ways of making money from your blog

This is again something that I have learnt with time. There are multiple ways to make money from your blog – advertising, affiliate marketing, getting paid for content writing, having a shop section on your blog. So look around and be aware of these methods.

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New Blogger Tip #10. Connect with others

This is again a very important aspect. Till few months back I used to live in my own shell (you can call it my website) and used to just concentrate on posting content (which again is a very important but not everything that is required).

Then I met an amazing group of people (who also blog) and realized what I had been missing.

So my advice to all new bloggers is find other bloggers, link to their content, read what they are writing, comment on their blogs – not only for SEO but as a genuine person. We are humans above all and so get to know each other as people and not just bloggers.

To summarize, here are my blogging tips for new bloggers. Hope you find these tips for new bloggers useful.

10 blogging tips for new bloggers

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