This step by step tutorial will introduce you to How to optimize images in WordPress for SEO. If you a new to blogging do read this tutorial, and if you have been blogging for a while but do not do this yet, avoid this blogging mistake in future.

No WordPress blog is complete without adding images. Adding images makes our blog using friendly. But there is simple technique that we need to follow when adding images. There are various aspects to optimizing images – You can optimize them for size and you can optimize them for Search engine optimization (SEO).

If you are new to this term SEO, in simple terms you can understand it as techniques that you can apply to get your blog or website be found by search engines like Google and Bing.

How to optimize your images for SEO

How to Optimize images in WordPress for SEO

So lets get started with few basic tips on how to optimize your images for SEO.

When you add an image in WordPress you see these options – Title, Caption, Alt Text and Description. If you are not sure what I mean read Learn how to add images to WordPress media library.

How to optimize images for SEO in WordPress


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Title – Name of your image

Caption – What shows on the blog as image name or text

Alt Text and Description  – These two fields help Search engines understand what our images are about.


So what you need to do when adding an image to optimize it for SEO (Search engine Optimization)

  1. Title i.e. name of the image should contain keywords (what are your writing about and what you want to be found for)
  2. Alt Text and Description should again contain keywords (what are you writing about and what you want to be found for). The text here needs to explain what your image is about.

This is also good for helping people with visual impairment as screen readers can read this alt tags and title to them.

So your image would look something like below in your media library


Hope you enjoyed this easy tutorial on Optimizing images in WordPress for SEO. Do let me know if you have questions in comments. If you think this maybe useful to other new bloggers, don’t forget to share.

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