Wondering what are “do follow” and “no follow” links and how to add no follow links on your website. Read this FREE tutorial to understand different type of links

What is a link?

One text linking to a blog post or url.

For e.g. Here is an awesome list of Best Blogging Resources I use and recommend.

In above – Best Blogging Resources links to my blog post – https://bloggingmadeeasier.com/recommended-best-blogging-tools-resources/

So, it is an example of link.

What is an anchor text?

The text we use to link is called anchor text.

In above example “Best Blogging Resources” is called an anchor text.

What are internal links?

When I link to my own website. 

In the same blog above you will see me linking to another blog post of mine on http://www.bloggingmadeeasier.com like below. It is called internal linking

E.g. “Related – What is WordPress.org versus WordPress.com

What are external links?

When I link to a website other than my own website. 

In the same blog above you will see me linking to multiple other blogsites for example Siteground. It is called external linking

E.g. – Click here to Save 8$ per month and get started Siteground at 3.95$ per month

There is also something called Do follow links and No follow links that we would talk about them in next section. 

How to add links?

  1. Select a text and press ctrl key and K
  2. Or you can use Link button in your WordPress Editor
How to add links to WordPress website

What are “Do Follow” and “No Follow” links?

From user perspective Do follow links and No follow links are same. From Google perspective they are different.

“Do follow” tag tells Google follow this link to reach another site.

“No Follow” tag tells Google do not follow this link to reach another site.

Thus, you would see marketing campaigns where and mail people offer to pay money to buy Do follow links. Because it helps people with their SEO strategy.

But please delete such mails and don’t participate in such campaigns. 

IMPORTANT – Getting Do follow links by payments or giving Do follow links on receiving payment is against Google Terms of service. If you give such Do follow links your site may get blocked by Google and you would lose all chances of getting traffic.

If you ever give links on payment make them “No follow” or “Sponsored links”

How to add a “Do Follow” link

Any link by default is Do Follow so you do not have to do anything to make it a “Do Follow” link.

How to add No follow link?

Add a link as you usually do. Switch to html mode. (You can do this by clicking on text tab at top of your post)

Find your link in html it would look like below

<strong><a href=”http://www.bloggingmadeeasier.com”>No Follow link</a></strong>

To make it “No follow”. Add the tag rel=”nofollow” as below

<strong><a href=http://www.bloggingmadeeasier.com rel=”nofollow”>No Follow link</a></strong>

Well that is it. This tag makes your link a “No follow” links and tells Google not to follow it.

Here is a quick video to show how you can add a No-Follow link