Best Free Blogging courses to make your blog Profitable

Looking for free Blogging courses to make your blog Profitable. Yes there are multiple free courses to get you started, to set up your Pinterest profile correctly, to understand SEO, to get traffic and understand email marketing. Go no further, here I have compiled a list of my Favourite free blogging courses that you can take right now.

I will share more free courses later in the article, To start with here are few Free blogging courses that are good and what you can get started with right away.

These are not blogging courses in India per say but since they are digital you can join them from anywhere in the world 🙂

Two important tips before we get started with the list of free blogging for beginners course

  1. Create a new mail id and sign up for these courses.

As you would get overwhelmed by the amount of good information coming your way via mails.  Having a separate account will help you keep course related and blogging mails separate from normal mails we get.

  1. If you get a coupon as part of these email sequences and if you found the free course useful. Do take advantage of it as most of these are ONE time offers and I have missed few in the past. Only to later buy the course later at updated higher prices.

Also these courses make sense if you have a self hosted blog. If you don’t understand what I mean by self hosting I guess you read this blog on blogging basics also I love the way Jennifer has explained the basics here

If you are still on free wordpress and are serious about blogging. Get started with self hosted blogs today. Sign up for basic hosting plan here (this is the best hosting for beginners) and follow this tutorial. If you need me to do this for you, contact me at

My favourite Free Blogging Courses to grow your blog

How to Start a Blog as a Business

This course covers one thing no one told you about making money when you started your blog. It will talk about one secret ingredient that we miss that influences our strategy to earn money from your blog. The reason I have put this first in the list id because it tell you how to approach the full blogging scenario 🙂

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How to Start a Profitable Blog

You can go for this course from Carly as this talks about what how to start a profitable blog – its has everything you need to set up your blog correctly.

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How to set up Pinterest correctly to get traffic

This course on basics of Pinterest and this one that sends mail and Pinterest tutorials is useful to help you get started.

The main thing to get started with Pinterest is to set up your Pinterest profile correctly and optimize it. There are multiple things that you would find in another Pinterest course that I have set up here ..

And the tools that I have found most useful and invested in are

– This magic tool to create Pinterest images.

I can just click on an image on my blog – edit it directly and the upload it right away to Pinterest. Plus there are multiple images that I can use such that my pins look different from all the other pins out there (good images + headlines = more clicks). You can try this for free here

Also this scheduler has helped me a lot in taking my Pinterest to next level. I can schedule pins and they just keep on posting on their own at my selected intervals. Also it helps me find good hashtags on Instagram.  Try this scheduling tool for 1 month for free today

For Pinterest the best resources I have found are from Jennifer . For e.g. check this free blog on how to create Pinterest image

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What to do after starting a blog

After we have set things up in our blog you can look at this 12 month blog plan from Suzi. She covers detailed steps on what to do and when to do. Blogging can be overwhelming but having a plan in place is really really useful and saves time.

I also did a series of #BMETIPS related posts in Twitter recently. If you have not yet checked them out do check here 🙂

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How to get Traffic

Another good source of information are these two courses from Lena for Traffic and monetization – click here to join 5 day mini challenge and here is another one.

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

If you need to understand SEO. This is the best course I found on net apart from two ebooks I read.

The main course is paid and I have taken that but you can join the initial part for free by clicking here

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Learning Blog Design and Graphics

A very important part of our blog is Design. I love these free courses by Kara  – one on using Canva and second on launching a product. I love her design templates.

The best way to get work done faster is having ready made social media templates that you can reuse to create good content. And she helps you with exactly that.

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How to make Money from your Blog

This is one course that really really helped me and to be honest I bought multiple paid courses from Jennifer because of this particular course.

By the way If you are not yet am Amazon affiliate first start here – How to make money using Amazon affiliate -Getting started

Just putting Amazon affiliate links is not enough -we need to put them correctly.

Download the Getting the click guide from here and I am sure you will thank me.

I also took this course here and it has helped me immensely.

Most of these courses would offer you next level paid courses and to be honest that is how email marketing works. Also you would get discount codes. Do make a use of the discount codes and buy the paid courses as per your budget.

I am also going to include a list of courses I personally have paid my money for below so do keep scrolling

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Should I buy paid courses

Short answer is Yes.

Any business needs an investment. So if you need to blog for making money then its good to invest and learn after buying paid courses from other people.

Most of the bloggers give few courses for free to establish their authority and get subscribers in their email list. But their main tips they reveal in their paid courses.

I too have launched a free course on Pinterest. In India buying courses in dollars is not feasible for all. So my intent was to share what I have learnt as of now. I also have a paid Pinterest course in which I have talked about Pinterest in more details and what has worked for me.

Also I will soon be launching a free 1 month Profitable Blogger Challenge in November – which would have free tutorials to get you started in the right direction (based on all what I have learnt) so if you are interested join here 🙂

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I know most of you would have this question. What are the courses I have done. I have done multiple in the last one year, I will create another post with the list of courses I have done soon.

Most of these courses have validated what I already knew and from few I have learnt a lot of good things.

Here is a list of courses that I have done or e-books I have bought myself and can safely recommend. They are good use of time and complete value for money

Best Courses on SEO 

Easy On page SEO ebook – How to write blogs to get traffic

Off page SEO ebook – How to get backlinks

Google analytics ebook

SEO course by Mike

Best courses On Pinterest

Understanding Pinterest Signals 

Pinterest strategies with manual pinning (not yet completed though)

Advanced Pinterest Strategies

Best courses On Making Money from Blogging

Niche Post conversion strategies (This is one course that helped me make money from Amazon)

Exclusive strategies by Pot Pie Girl

Affiliate marketing for bloggers

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How much should I invest in paid blogging courses

As per your budget.  And what you need to learn.

There is no one right answer to this.  But what I recommend is do it slowly as per your priority.

To start making money from our blog  – we need traffic and the sources are Pinterest , SEO and social media. So start with Pinterest and SEO

Also we need to apply affiliate marketing to make money so do courses related to that.

Then you can do courses on list building.

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More FREE resources and articles you can read

How many new blog posts you should make each week

Is Blogging the only profitable niche

Tips that smart bloggers do during slow season

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One mistake I made

It is after multiple years that my first blog has started earning money. Because it took me few years to learn things  – try and test multiple strategies before they started working for me.

What we need to understand is – Starting a blog is actually first step to earn money. Its just the beginning. For making money – you need traffic and affiliate marketing (of course that not a complete list but most important ones).

Also I made one huge mistake that delayed my speed of growing my blog. I tried to do everything on my own and did not make use of online courses that are available to us by other bloggers.

I should have started taking online blogging courses long ago. The problem is I was not aware of them until last year. And believe me I have taken multiple courses both Free and Paid in past one year and they have really really helped me.

Two quick facts  – Blogging and specially making money blogging is not easy. Two – not all Blogging courses are good. (there are some paid ones as well which I did not find very useful).

And lets add one more to the list. Three – Not everything you read on net is True. the income reports and people making crazy amount of money just after they are beginning may or may not be true.

What is True that you need to do a lot of things after you have started your blog.

I do share loads of such posts and information on my exclusive Facebook group and mails. Do join my mailing list here and join my exclusive Facebook group to stay updated on more courses I am doing

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How to become a profitable Blogger

I am going to tell you what you can do to become a profitable with free tutorials and advice.

If you are interested in joining. Like my Facebook page to get notifications and give your email id here

Hope you enjoyed this article on Free Blogging courses recommended by me. Do let me know if you have questions in comments. If you think this maybe useful to other new bloggers, don’t forget to share.


Best Free Blogging Courses to grow our blog for new bloggers


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